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Exclusively Available at GNC and GNC.com


Feed your Skin from Within.


Daily Rejuvenation.

London is one of the most amazing and busy cities in the western world. It has a rich blend of history and cutting-edge modern thinking, architecture and distinctive lifestyles. Living in a city poses challenges, such as pollution and lack of green space, reducing the ability to spread your wings and improve your mindset and personal health and fitness.

However, the people of London have developed a cosmopolitan way of living, an international lifestyle that is healthy, happy and culturally diverse.

A happy life is a healthy life, in that life, everyone has the right to let their inner beauty shine.

The team at Regime London know that true beauty radiates from within, so to combat the pressures of modern living and time precious societies we have made it our mission to provide a beauty supplement range that helps bring the ‘inner you’ to the surface.

Our qualified expert nutritionists scour the globe to ethically source the finest ingredients to place into our tasty nutritional powder drinks and luscious beauty capsules.

Perfecting your look starts from within, getting the right nutrition, body balance and living the right lifestyle. It is our goal to encourage people worldwide to live this unrestricted life supported by healthy nutritional science.

Your skin is your best fashion accessory, treat it with the love it deserves.

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